Monday, August 27, 2007

A Vintage Series Favorite Makes A Re-Appearance

What a gorgeous tie, and one we have not seen since the debut of The Vintage Series of February. This voluptuous cravat, with its 3/4-inch stripes of burnished gold and royal purple, is a welcome start to the Neckwear Week. Its knot, a four-in-hand (BW's favorite), is controlled but not severe. The cut of this tie is full and generous without looking bulky or dated. The fabric--obviously silk--is reminiscent of kingly banners or royal bunting. Why this tie was so long absent from the fashion rotation in favor of, say, The Vegas Gold Tie or The Sand and Sky Tie, I have no earthly idea, but rather than be snarky about it, I am grateful and approving. Well done, Mr. Williams, well done.