Tuesday, August 28, 2007

On Location = Une Grande Chemise

* Brian is on location reporting post-Katrina, so that requires an appearance sans cravate. This has also come to mean that he must wear une grande chemise, aussi. On a positive note, BW does make a break from the endless parade of enormous and ill-fitting blue shirts and sports one of cool, pale celery. On the downside, it is still a bit large and is of an odd, techno-Euro style with many strangely-placed vents, pleats, and slits. He looks as if he might be a guest on the Dieter show in an old SNL skit. And, yes, I did notice the forest green crewneck of his teeshirt poking unceremoniously from his collar. Yet, it is green after all, and the color set off his tan in a most lovely way. Merveilleux.