Friday, August 3, 2007

Did Someone Notify Mr. DeMille?

*Although I am still breathless and fluttery from the plenitude of closeups at the start of the Nightly, I will endeavor to bring tonight's cravat to life for you. This tie is another variation on the blue and gold color scheme, yet it is not the dreaded Tie Which Shall No Longer Be Reviewed And Is Now Dead To Me. Instead, this offers a deep cobalt field crossed at thick intervals with narrow butter stripes, which are shot through with a deeper goldenrod thread at their center. This tie is, I'm loathe to say, pedestrian and banal. It is so incredibly close to the TWSNLBRAINDTM, that I almost felt my gorge rise, YET! the alarmingly disarming closeup work of The Nightly's obliging cameraperson got me downright twitterpated. There. Now I've been forced into a Disney reference. I hope someone is happy.