Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Une Surprise de Paris

For this evening's cravat, Brian Williams selects narrow, textured stripes of cranberry and dusky rose.  She wandered the busy Paris streets, her tiny camera at her waist so that she could snap away unnoticed in the various patisseries and confectioner's shops. The macarons and nougats and meringues and financiers were gorgeous works of art here, and she could not wait to set out her watercolours and brushes back at her tiny flat. Upon arriving home, a deliveryman buzzed for entry.  Answering the door, she saw only roses, nothing but sweet red roses blooming in the hall.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So Purple And Luminous And Still With The Thingy Near The Bottom...

SPT. This darn tie makes me uncomfortable.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fashion Story

This evening's tie is a complex and detailed cravat of smoky violet blue with wide bands of black patterned mesh alternated with slim pearl stripes, the latter embracing a line of lilac blush.  He often saw her at the small vintage clothing shop, arranging tableaux of beaded handbags, fine scarves, and other feminine accoutrements on the skirted tables within. Her style was Forties one day, Seventies the next, and Fifties still another.  One thing never changed, however, and that was her graceful, fluid movement throughout the store.  Languid and lingering one moment, she could be quick and butterfly-like the next, but her admiration for the fashions of Yesterday was ever constant. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Adieu Pour Le Moment, Dearies

The Report is on le petit vacance for a well deserved rest.  If anyone would care to submit critiques while I am away, please use the email address provided in the sidebar.  Who knows?  You may see your Sartorial Submission right here!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ring For Service To Clear, Will You?

Heeding our cries for Relief, Brian knots up another, yes, striped tie, but this one is of bright flame bands crossing the usual navy field.  And although the stripes were pleasantly alluring, I could not enjoy them.  Instead, my vision kept tracking--dreadfully--to the travesty that was the horrifying Side Dimple placed so far to the right so as to render it a...sort of Salt Cellar or Butter Dish to the Dinner Plate that was the Main Dish Cravat.  It was enough to make me lose my Fashion Appetite.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Report Versus BriWi In Verses

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
If Bri's giving up,
Then I am, too.

The purple with white dots
Again worn so soon
Has put The Report
Right into a swoon.

It's like he's been camping
For weeks at The Nightly.
And the few ties he packed
Are becoming unsightly.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We Sense A Trend

Another navy blue striped tie for BW this evening; this one with slim diagonals of creamy white.  Viewers of The Nightly recognise this Old Standby, for we just saw it on 5 June, one week ago.  How tedious!  How tiresome! How like the schedule of the June Cleaver-esque housewife, whose domestic chores were regimented by days of the week:  Monday is Marketing; Tuesday, Floors and Carpets; Wednesday, Bed Linens; Thursday, Laundry; Friday, Baking.  Perhaps Mr. Williams needs to throw a little New Millennium into his Cravat Selection Process.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Go See What Dad Has In His Closet

Le sigh.  This evening, Mr. Williams starts a new week with a tiredly staid and outdated cravat of dark blue with slender goldenrod stripes.  It was very wide and very flat and the fabric looked very...erm...serviceable.  It had the sort of appearance of a teenaged boy on his first Serious Job Interview, who needed a tie and, in this exigent, pawed through his dad's closet, way in the back, behind the drycleaning bag shrouds and Good Suit before coming up with this one because it matched his light blue Oxford shirt and khakis the best.

Friday, June 8, 2012


This week was pretty much a reprise of the week previous to BriWi's vacation, cravatically speaking.  Tonight's tie, the capuccino textured silk with pink Swiss dots, made it a fait accompli. It was a Sartorial "Groundhog Day" without the sardonic Bill Murray.  Instead, it was more like leftover spaghetti in which the sauce was saved with the pasta, rendering the noodles soft and mushy and unpalatable rather than al dente and toothsome and tasty.  Sigh.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

In Which We Lament And Summarise And Query On Behalf Of You, Dear Readers

*The Report--in a departure from Normal Business--takes un moment to discuss several of this week's cravats en masse.

Brian Williams took a week off, and it was the Fervent Hope of The Report that, perhaps, it would renew his commitment to Fashion In General, and to Cravats In Particular.  Alas, this would prove not to be the case.  In rapid succession, BriWi mired us in the Slough Of Sartorial Despair with a quick return to: on Tuesday 5 June, the oft-worn (and most recently seen 24 April) navy and white striped tie; on Wednesday 6 June the blaring blue and screaming yellow wide striper seen on 25 May; finally, tonight, yet another airing of the purple tie with teensy white dots, seen...oh, pretty much all Spring (5/22, 5/7...) sigh.  All of which leads me to one question, and I must ask it:  Where is that glorious pink tie?