Monday, August 13, 2007

Brian Has Returned, But Which Solid Has?

*Finally back from vacation, Brian takes me by surprise and I am still at table for his return. When I view tonight's cravat via the video netcast, I am dismayed to note that I cannot make a definitive call: is this the lavender matte silk "Debate Tie" or is it the solid hyacinth/periwinkle of 25 July? In either case, I cannot endorse the puny knot, which looked as if it were punishing the fabric as well as the neck of its wearer. The single dimple was far left and distractedly off-kilter, marring the otherwise tanned and well-rested appearance of the recently on-holiday Brian Williams. Please be assured, readers, that I am redoubled in my efforts to view The Nightly properly henceforth, and will be more precise in future.