Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Very Serious Tie Leads The Report Into A Rather Bronte-esque Reverie (Or Is It Dickensian?)

Back in NYC, Brian Williams is a Rhapsody in Blue this evening, culminating in a midnight blue cravat of textured fabric with the usual tight four-in-hand avec une deep dimple. It's a Very Serious Tie, this solid--conservative, tactful, and judicious, much like the elder relatives in Victorian novels whose duty it is to tell young persons the Terrible News that they are now Orphans. "You are to be the Man Of The House Now," they say to the young, tearful boy at their knee. "It is dreadful, but there's no help for it. And I shall do all I can for you." Of course, in the next chapter, that well-meaning relative dies of consumption, but at the time, the sentiment was most encouraging.