Friday, January 9, 2009

In Which The Tie Provokes References Not Just To Soda, But To Drag Queens, A Director, And A Diva

Debut Tie. In a startling sartorial turnabout of taste, Brian Williams missteps and stumbles so badly that he totters on the edge of Fashion Armageddon. This ... tie, for lack of a better word--is it Jeremy Scott's homage to Cherry 7Up? Is it a repurposing project from Parson's School of Design made from a remnant from a drag queen's costume for a revue called La Femmasaurus Rex? For I can think of no other reasons pour cette existence de la cravate, the nightmare that it is of frosted rose satin with woven bubble/pebble design, making it look like cheap pink champagne--no, a tacky stuffed dinosaur from a carnival midway game--no, a 1970s lounge singer's polyester gown with matching capelet worn by Beyonce in some Scorcese film that's just way too long--no, oh never mind. It was horrid.