Thursday, January 15, 2009

In Which We Implore It To Stop--The Madness, The Madness, Please Stop The Madness

Debut Tie. * Make it stop. Someone, please.

Clearly, someone purchased Brian Williams a gift for Christmas at a specialty store called something like "Baskets O' Ties." This person chose the Red-Blue-Purple Collection, for Brian's Debut Ties thus far all seem to be in some sort of odd kinship, sharing hues and characteristics--none of them all that desirable--that suggest they were purchased either by the same person, at the same shop, at the same time, or for the sole reason of annoying The Report. In any case, tonight's particular cravat was a puzzling number of deep raspberry overlaid by an oddly luminescent peacock checkerboard that seemed to be made of cellophane. The whole thing reminded me of a mermaid costume for a Barbie doll--sort of a sequin/paillette tube-esque affair that gave me a distinct Phyllis Diller hat flashback. So...not good. Not good at all.