Wednesday, January 21, 2009

There's A Lot Going On In Washington, And Not All Of It Is Fashionable

Debut Tie. Still in our nation's capital, Brian Williams dons another questionable cravat. This one looks to be a minute houndstooth pattern in mulberry and turquoise. It's another one of those flickery, changeable ties that make life rough here at The Report. A cousin of the hideous purple houndstooth, this tie is not only an ill-advised color combination on its own--and much too tightly-knotted, too--but with the pale blue striped shirt and jet black jacket, the color palette is jarring. It's like allowing the 4-year old child you're babysitting to play dress-up, and she waltzes out wearing a cowboy hat, tutu, Batman cape, and majorette boots. Parts of it might work at a funky New York rave, but "right time, right place" is still a good caveat.