Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Tie Report Finds Itself Irked By This Disregard To Detail: Why Repeat Lavender So Closely, As Alert Viewer/Reader Shirley Has Pointed Out

So, my issue is not so much that this tie is (disputedly) effeminate. I happen to find its lavender hue and closely patterned mini-checks pleasant. My problem is that Brian wore it so close on the heels to the similarly-colored hyacinth solid just a couple of days ago. Isn't anyone but moi--and loyal reader Shirley--paying attention to his Cravat Wardrobe? Honestly. If I go back into The Archives (which I most certainly am NOT, by the way; I'm not getting paid for this gig, that's for sure), Monsieur Williams has at least sixty decent ties that he can rotate on an inoffensive basis. There's simply no reason for this sort of cavalier attitude towards his cravate du jour. It's just laziness, I think. Spring fever, maybe. Again, I reiterate my offer to be installed as Tie Wench for The NBC Nightly News. The need is apparent.