Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, Brian Williams, And I See You Got A New Tie

Happy Birthday Debut Tie. Brian Williams may have gotten an early present, for this is une cravate nouveau! Although I am not bowled over, I find this to be a pleasant, Springlike tie, with its pastel palette. Light chambray blue is sprinkled with petite white medallions between which tiny peachblossom pink polka-dots wink when Brian moves ever so slightly. It is a rather lighthearted, carefree tie; it is a tie evocative of Edwardian gentlemen in white pants and vests who wear flat straw hats and hold bicycles for their ladyfriends, who struggle to climb aboard while wearing those shirtwaists and French twist hairdos. I can almost see the green meadows with winding paths and small clumps of violets soon to be picked by these gentlemen for their ladyfriends. I know...that's a lot from a tie.