Monday, May 19, 2008

On Second Thought...

Firmly placed in the middle of the Tie Hierarchy, this striped cravat is a pleasant and innocuous offering of fawn and French blue. It is a familiar pattern of diagonals that are not too wide and not too narrow, and it is reminiscent of several of Brian's favorites. I like this tie, but I try not to get too excited about it. It has a peculiar coloration that tends to bleach out in long shots and shift shades depending upon the angle of the camera. Therefore, I don't trust it. It's sort of like a certain political party: sure, it says it's the Party of the People and that it is fiscally conservative and wants to put more of your money in your pocket and keep out of your business, but then it turns around and courts Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Guns and helps them steal your pension fund and run up a huge multi-trillion dollar debt while deciding who is allowed to get married and what they're allowed to do in their bedrooms or even hospital rooms.

Wait. Maybe I don't like this tie.