Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ham Sandwich Analogy Tie

May continues to be Casual Cravat Month. Brian knots up his polka-dotted tie of chambray blue with navy spots. I'm ambivalent about this tie. It's kind of like a ham sandwich for me. If I'm offered a choice of sandwiches, I never choose ham because it's strongly flavored and I only like it with mustard, but if it has mustard on it, then it absolutely cannot have any lettuce or tomato, and always I prefer ham on rye bread. Chances are, the ham sandwich offered will not meet all of my stringent specifications, so I end up choosing turkey which is normally pretty innocuous, served with mayo, and if it has lettuce and tomato, then so much the better. And the bread is a non-factor with turkey. But, if all there is is ham, then I take it. And it's okay. That's how I feel about this polka-dotted blue tie.