Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sacre Bleu! Is Nothing Sacred? A New Low, Even For Brian Williams.

In a record-setting and completely unforgivable Repeat Cycle, Brian Williams dons the pale gold and deep navy striped tie that he just wore on February 28th. Which was only two Reports ago for those of you scoring at home. This sort of Fashion Egregiousness is totally unacceptable and absolutely bordering on the malicious. It also forces me to do a helluva lot of work, for I am compelled to present to you the Precise Dates Upon Which Brian Williams Wore This Tie Most Recently in order to prove to you just How Much He Hates Me And All Viewers/Close Observers Of His Cravats. So, after much research and without further ado, here it is, La Liste d'Infamie:

1-11, 1-15, 2-11, 2-19, 2-28, 3-4.

And allow me to call to your attention that only ONE day passed between the wearing of 1-11 and 1-15, since it was a weekend; likewise, the other pairs also involved weekends, making the amount of time between wearings actually much shorter. Quelle horreur!

It seems to me that this tie, should it be repeated again in swift succession, must be given a new designation of some sort and relegated to a fitting status. I am open to suggestions. Please feel free to assist in Comments.