Thursday, March 27, 2008

Close Encounter Of The Egregiously Repeating Tie Kind

This is without a doubt the most egregious Tie Repetition ever perpetrated by Brian Williams. This particular cravat was just worn on 21 March, which was 4 ties ago, due to an intervening weekend. And this is not even a repeat-worthy tie! This cravat's color actually makes me uneasy--it bears an uncomfortable similarity to raw dark meat of chicken...or raw sushi-grade tuna...or, when viewed from a bit farther, the pink kidney beans. Bleah. And then there's the weird shifty print it has going on. And, hey! What was up with that enormous dimple? That thing was just mutant! It took up half the tie! Sorry, but there was so much wrong with this tie, that it was downright Roswellian. I may have to watch this again on the webcast and see if there were any little green men looking over Brian's shoulder.