Monday, March 17, 2008

It's A St. Patrick's Day Miracle! (Is He The Patron Saint Of Neckwear? Should I Google That?)


Debut Tie. And what a premiere cravate it is! In an absolutely stunning and completely Landmark Moment in Tie Report History, BRIAN WILLIAMS DONS A GREEN TIE. This is unheralded! Unheard of! Unprecedented! As if it were d'aucune grande conséquence, Brian merely appears on set, refreshed after a week's absence, wearing a stripe of deep blue and lush forest green matte silk, ably knotted with the usual four-in-hand, deep dimple placed slightly to his right. An immediate check of The Tie Report shows that last year, Bri was not on the air for St. Patrick's Day. It may well be that this is the only day for Himself's wearin' o' The Green.