Friday, March 21, 2008

Odd BOGO Tie Makes Me Wonder...Is Brian Williams' Taste In Ties Beginning To Falter?

Debut Tie. This tie must have been a BOGO deal with Wednesday's, for it is merely the violet-red version of its blue minute houndstooth or closely printed dot pattern on a barely visible field of white. Depending upon the distance and angle of the camera, this cravat appeared anywhere on the color spectrum from solid salmon pink to the patterned violet-red that an extreme close-up finally revealed. Perhaps Brian went to a store called Ties Politic or Patrick Henry's House of Ties and couldn't decide. Or maybe he saw them in the Sky Mall catalog on special and bought them when he was on the red-eye, weary and in a moment of weak judgment. Which of us hasn't been there? In any case, it looked kinda wide, the dimple looked kinda big and skewed, and the knot was...well, just really terribly loose and hurried. Looks like someone wasn't quite ready to be "back from vacation."

*BOGO=Buy One Get One