Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Not Only a Repeat Cycle, But One Featuring The Tie That Shall No Longer Be Reviewed By Me

In an unheralded and, I must say shamefully brief recycling period, Brian Williams resorted to wearing yet again the stodgy and somnambulistic midnight blue with narrow goldenrod stripe tie for his London broadcast tonight. This repeat cycle is unprecedented. This tie was worn on May 3rd, May 10th, and now on May 15th. Its repetition so continually and so rapidly is, quite simply, inexcusable, both in the fashion world and in the milieu of polite societal norms. This tie has seen its day; it has seen the day of its brethren as well, has its appearance been so frequent and so ubiquitous. It has had its turn and the turn of countless cravats. Where is the sassy burgundy geometric tie of 12 February? Or the now-ordained Favourite Tie of April 9, with its cool pink and blue diagonals? I am sensing trouble at Chez Williams, and ce n'est pas jolie.