Friday, May 25, 2007

Black And White Striped = Bond-esque

*This bold, almost graphics-inspired narrow stripe of black and white might be reminiscent of football referees, zebras, or convicts to some of you, but for me, it's a winner. I like the edgy contrast and commanding simplicity of this cravat. This is not a namby pamby tie for a guy who wants to stand in the corner and nurse along a glass of chablis. This is a tie for a man who leans on the bar, orders a Scotch, neat, and surveys the room for a foreign dignitary. He then walks up to the national in question and addresses her by name, impeccably pronouncing it, and speaks to her in her native tongue, every nuance of the language assiduously observed. She laughs softly, and then she dares to touch his arm. An attache across the room moves in ever so deftly, but there is no need; our man--and his tie--have moved on.