Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shameless Legerdemain by BW and The Nightly Provokes Me To Further Irritation

Was it just me, or did the rest of you see it too? Brian Williams and The Nightly pulled the Old Switcheroo and he wore one tie for the opening of the show, a navy with Carolina blue stripes, and suddenly--shazzam!--there he was, sporting the "Take This, Tie Report, And Deal With It" Repeat Cycle purple tie with black stripes bordered by white. Look, Brian Williams et al over there at 30 Rock, you are pushing it, and pushing it hard. First you try to get a twofer, and then one of them is a Repeater. Have you no shame?

Updated: Thanks to alert reader C., The Report was directed to Brian's blog, where he discusses "Tiegate" and explains the Tie Two-Step. Read it here.