Thursday, December 17, 2009

This Tie Walks That Line, And No, That's Not A Johnny Cash Reference (Far From It)

Debut Tie. This tie could have gone so terribly, awfully wrong. Its bright navy and olive stripes, in the wrong hands, could have been a Fashion Disaster. A rumple here, a meatball sub stain there, and it could have been rendered That Tie--you know, the tie of a sloppy, mouth-breathing used car salesman who says things like "ya know, chief" and "I seent it." The tie worn by the man who shows you the color televisions and says "these here flat screens" while he hikes up his belt over his stomach. Instead, it looks sharp and fashion forward, like the tie of the snazzy assistant at the financial planner's office who wears a bluetooth in his ear and offers you an espresso, mineral water, or perhaps a green tea while you're waiting, and did you hear what gold did this morning on the Nikkei?