Wednesday, December 23, 2009

They Say You Have To Hit Bottom Before You Truly Can Be Helped. Le Temps Pour L'aide Est Arrivé!

Bringing L'Ennui du Cravate to new heights, Brian Williams knots up what may very well be The Single Most Boring Tie we here at The Report have ever seen. Quite honestly, the only thing that kept us from nodding off was trying to figure out if A) the tie was made from the selfsame fabric as BW's jacket; B) it was charcoal grey or jet navy; C) it had any sort of redeeming pattern or texture whatsoever, or D) it was a Debut Tie. What a banal, mundane, and soporific piece of menswear it is. Good grief. Bring me my blankie and my snugglebunny; I'm off to bed.