Thursday, January 10, 2008

Textbook Tie By Brian...With A Scary Side of David Gregory

This evening, the Nightly's cameraperson zoomed in and provided a very tight shot at BW's tie. The background was revealed to be a jacquard woven silk blend of garnet, and the small sparse polka dots were ivory with fine rims of black. The jacquard itself looked to be black in its underweave, but more importantly, the dimple was precisely in the middle, perfectly teardrop in shape, and the four-in-hand knot could have appeared in a Tie Textbook photo. This tie, had it been in a Cravat Show, would have won Best Overall in Technique.

On a side note, I must, with a very heavy heart, take a moment and comment upon the Catastrophe That Was The Tie of David Gregory, Chief White House correspondent. It looked, quite simply, like an open jar of some very, very scary orange marmalade. Even more terrifying is the fact that it was accompanied by...a matching pocket square. If you must go to the webcast and view it for yourself (and I understand, really I do), consider yourself warned.