Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tacky Tie Is A Perfect Storm Of Questionable Taste

How I wish Brian would retire this cravat. While its dark blue background and narrow carnation pink stripes do not render it egregious, I cannot help but label it tacky. It isn't the pink, which is a color I applaud in fashionable cravats of good quality and impeccable design (a la one David Gregory, connosieur de la cravate rose), nor is it solely the fact that it is striped. It is the lethal combination of the shade of pink--gaudy--the look of the material--cheap--and the size of the stripe--anemic. Taken together, they amount to a tie which most men of style would, if they received it as a gift, die a little inside and make arrangements with their personal assistants to return it immediately...and in disguise.