Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Manage To Work In Donna Summer; That's How Horrifying This Tie Is

Debut Tie. At least, I think so. Certainly I would have remembered my gorge rising upon viewing a tie such as this: highway median yellow stripes upon blazer blue is bad enough, but this one I swear looked to be fashioned out of vinyl. Or...dear God, pleather. This is one misbegotten cravat. Not only is it of the same stripe template as so very many of his most banal bestriped ties (and please pronounce it "be-stri-ped", in three syllables), but it is yet another blue-and-yellow, and it is by far the most egregious fabric I have ever witnessed being worn by anyone not wearing platform peep-toes, fishnets, and showing more cleavage than is decent. I know it's Saturday night and not Bri's regular schedule, but he's not workin' that hard for the money.