Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Someone In The Nightly Wardrobe Department Needs To Raise The Baton

Tonight, Brian has presented us with a tie of riotous stripes.  Muted, almost sueded violet, then suddenly textured metallic gold, like a basketweave blinging chain--but wait!--is that...yes! Yes, it is! A teensy little vein of sanguinary red runs alongside the gold!  Good heavens, this cravat is a sensory overload.  It's like walking into a middle school band room before the director raises his baton.  All the kids are blowing into or banging onto their instruments:  horns blat, flutes whistle, clarinets screech, drums ratatat and boom, and tubas honk all in a cacophanous melee of battling sound so much that you just shut down and wait for rescue.