Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Like When You Try To Listen To Someone Who Has Spinach In His Teeth...

The Report is in denial with regard to le chemise de pyjama mystérieuse a la les stripes lately, which may or may not be two separate shirts. Either way, said shirt did not provide a suitable backdrop for this evening's tie. Being so distracted, I beg your indulgence as I pull forth this
Classic Cravat Critique from 10-27-08: If it's not striped, it's purple, and this one was the saturated raw silk solid red-violet one from Brian's Panoply O' Purples. It's very textured and deeply colored, so I can't get too annoyed with it. When I see it, I start thinking of melty grape popsicles that are just ready to fall off the stick and onto the hot sidewalk below, only because you've been wise enough to eat those last few bites bent waaay over, knowing that you're in a race against The Laws Of Physics themselves.