Friday, February 20, 2009

A Day Late, A Bit Of A Grudge, And A Dinner Date All Add Up To A Backward Glance By The Report

* Even though Brian has not worn this cravat in quite a while, I have not yet forgiven him for its overuse last summer. I almost created a new category just for it, The Den of Ubiquity, relegating both this cravat and a few other overworn ties that I was weary of viewing to this Necktie Limbo of sorts. Since I am still holding a grudge (and since I missed a "live" viewing of the tie due to a dinner out), I beg your indulgence and offer up this Classic Cravat Critique from 31 October 2007:

Tonight, Brian wore a cravat of light indigo peppered with deep blue polka dots. It reminded me of the days when I used to hang my vintage Levis on the clothesline in my mom's backyard so they could fade naturally to the classic vintage blue. Some summer days, the heat would build enough that a passing shower would erupt, and I would run out and grab the jeans off the line as the raindrops darkened the denim here and there with spots of the freshwater that fell from the glowering clouds.