Monday, February 2, 2009

In Which There Is A Debut Tie, And The Report Shows Its Age. Sigh.

Debut Tie. To begin the month, Brian surprises us with une cravate nouvelle. Belying the groundhog's dire prediction, this tie seems rather the harbinger of Spring, with its dusky sapphire field besprinkled with row upon row of rosy little circlet flowers. It's rather like a preteen girl's stationery, the kind with matching envelopes lined with a coordinated color in a lovely little box that even comes with a scented pen that invariably smells like raspberries or strawberries, and little stickers used to seal the envelopes. (But now I'm dating myself. Preteen girls don't use stationery anymore; they just engage in "sexting" on their cellphones, don't they? Sigh. They're missing out on the stickers....)