Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Odd Gadgety-Looking Tie Is Casual And Befuddling

Choosing from the Casual Tie Collection, BW knots up his Gadget Cravat. From a distance, this tie looks innocuous enough, with its pleasant cornflower blue field and overall white pattern, but upon closer inspection...! The pattern resolves itself into small white squares, each with a pinhole center, randomly skewed every which way. It reminds me of a student I had one year who gave her 20th century poet speech and brought in an impossibly busy and detailed tri-fold project board as a visual aid. The problem was that she wanted to use the board itself for another speech in her Women's Studies class later in the week, so she anchored every single thing to the board with straight pins and it all kept swinging and rocking and made us all rather nauseated instead of enlightened about the work of William Carlos Williams.