Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Am Made Unwell By Brian's Tiresome Refusal To Pay Closer Attention To His Tie Timing

If I were not so overcome with ennui, I'd be consumed by outrage and indignation: back to back gold and deep navy stripes. This time, it's the anaemically thin stripe of maize against the so-dark-it's-almost-black navy, but still...did he not just wear a blue and gold stripe yesterday? Yes. Does he not have plenty of worthier ties, even stripes, that he could have worn instead? Yes. Am I starting to wonder if he's just phoning this whole tie thing in? Yes. Should someone be caring just a little bit more than he is? Yes. Wait. I was supposed to be overcome with ennui....Yawn. Okay. Now I'm back to just being bored into Fashion Oblivion by the copiousness of Brian's commonplace cravats. By the sheer plenitude of his tiresome ties that all share the same blue and yellow palette. Urgh.