Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Brian's Incessant Stripery and Slavishness To Navy Forces Me To Sarcasm (And Pretentiousness)

In a bold departure from his usual style route, Brian Williams dons a...striped tie with a navy blue background! What? What is this? you may ask incredulously. Do not tell me for one insane moment that Brian Williams of "Nightly News" fame has worn A STRIPED TIE WITH THE COLOR OF DEEPEST DARK BLUE AS ITS FIELD HUE! WHY, THIS WOULD BE UNPRECEDENTED IN THE ANNALS OF CRAVAT-WEARING! SURELY YOU JEST!! Oh, but 'tis true. This time, however, there are red stripes slashing across it in a sanguinary attempt at breaking the monotonous parade of gold that had heretofore had viewers in a sartorial stranglehold.

Sighs of relief abound.