Friday, September 21, 2007

Mysterious Center Crease...Unsolved

Brian tries to redeem himself by sneaking in the tie he debuted on 31 August, that nod to the green, eco-friendly granola set, the nubbly raw silk cork-colored solid cravat by which I was so very astounded. Initially. Now I have become jaded and blase and disentranced by most of Brian's neckwear. Especially when, as did this tie, said tie develops and odd center crease for no apparent reason. I found myself fixated upon this strange new development, trying to imagine the circumstances in which it could possibly have happened. Certainly one would not press a tie purposefully for this to occur! It was not occasioned from travel; Brian was reporting from his usual studio. An elevator incident? Highly unlikely. Try as I might, I could not imagine any happenstance in which a center crease of one's tie would result. The mystery...unsolved.