Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another Debut Tie, But It Serves Only To Irk Me

Yes, this is another Debut Tie, but I'm not getting excited and let me tell you why. I'm irked, that's why. This narrow stripe of pale lilac and matte black, oddly evocative of 1950s bathroom color schemes, comes on the heels of yesterday's narrow stripe of white and blue. Isn't anyone over there at The Nightly paying any attention whatsoever to the ties that Brian slings over his Adam's apple from one evening to the next? Because obviously Brian isn't. Someone--besides me--should be watching to make sure he doesn't wear two of the exact same kind of tie two nights in a row! I mean, come on, already. Two narrow stripes, both alternating a very light and a deep color, both tied with tight four-in-hands, both of the same width, and both of the same fabric. Anyone could see that! Whatever happened to PRIDE, people? Geeze.