Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Black And White Striped Tie Becomes A Philosophy

Brian, you have a lot of striped ties. You have a lot of black and white striped ties. Tonight, you wore another one of them. Quite honestly, it's one thing to mix it up with blue and yellow, or purple and something, but when you try to vary black and white...well, black and white are just pretty much going to be black and white. Oh sure, you can have wide stripes or narrow stripes or the black can be the wider of the two on one tie, or the white can be the wide one on the other, but when it comes right down to it, all black and white striped ties are just that: black and white striped ties. So, if I were you, Brian, I'd pick maybe two of the black and white striped ties and let Mrs. Williams sell the others in a garage sale. Because, really, they're just cluttering up the tie landscape. Thanks.