Monday, July 9, 2007

Vacation Homework Assignment #1

*A Debut Tie! Please forgive this week's Reports; they are going to be somewhat lacking, in that they will all be viewed on the webcast. I had to catch up on the entire week of 7/9 through 7/12 due to being away on vacation.

Brian's cravate nouveaux looks to be an icy hyacinth jacquard resembling the strange knit ties that became popular in the 1980s. Either that, or it is the companion tie of the charcoal grey dotted tie of 26 June which reminded me of currency engraving. Either way, its color is reminiscent of a girl's prom dress, or of the era of pastel business suits for women, wherein said women could still look competent and powerful without sacrificing their femininity. I always thought they looked like rather leggy Easter eggs. Be that as it may, Brian clearly thinks he's getting away with a sorta purple tie here with no stripes. I'm reserving judgment until I see it "live."