Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bold, Stripey, Complex: A Debut Cravat

Tonight is not only a Debut Tie, but it also marks a first for the Tie Report in that I actually had to grab a pen and paper to diagram this tie, so complex is it in its bold stripiness! Wide grape stripes are bordered by alternating bands of whisper-light chambray blue shot with a dark cable of navy; another contrasting element is a narrow rose stripe. The effect is bold and arresting. This is another tie of generous cut tied with a four-in-hand, but not as deeply dimpled. So taken was I by the audacity of this cravat, the sheer bravura of it, that I have not yet decided if I quite approve. One thing is for certain--like the woman who wears red to a funeral, you have to award points for chutzpah.