Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Purple...Striped...But Vintage

Not one to play cutesy and wear a Valentine's Day themed tie, Brian Williams selected a voluptuous cravat of ivory and plum stripe, the latter band being shot through with a metallic gold cable at the center. The cut of this tie was as striking as its coloration: it was wide and generous, yet its knot was tight and controlled. The plum was rich and opulent; the ivory almost antique-looking, as if this were a vintage tie. This cravat, when taken along with the foulard of 2/2 and the French blue and cream of 2/9, makes me wonder if Mr. Williams is a fancier of vintage ties, or at least of those which look like they are from a bygone era. His suits are certainly cut in a forties throwback style, which I love. Perhaps a casual glance into the NBC cloakroom would reveal even...a fedora?