Monday, February 26, 2007

Brian Salutes Postimpressionism

I struggle to think of a motive for tonight's tie selection. What could have been Brian Williams' thought process--or that of his stylist--as he stood in front of the mirror, readying himself for the cameras? Was it to completely diverge from the welcome solid lilac of Friday's tie (which I was able to glimpse after the fact, thanks to the wonders of MSNBC's videoblogcast)? Was it to hurry along a sluggish spring by dressing in advance of the season? Was it an avant-garde salute to basketball? Or, was it an homage to Georges Seurat and Pointillism? Perhaps this cravat, with its barely visible white background and dizzying pebbly dots of deep turquoise was, indeed, a statement of a Postimpressionistic bent. For the Postimpressionists looked beyond the simplistic beauty of Nature's appearance and, instead, stressed emotional expression. If that isn't Brian Williams all over the place, then what is?