Monday, March 2, 2009

In Which Everything Old Is New Again, Or, Perhaps, The Other Way Around

The Picnic Tie goes a bit upscale tonight in this storm blue and pale slate version of its Axis of Evil cousin. From a long shot, this cravat looks a bit like placid gingham, but thanks to the ever-so obliging Nightly cameraperson, I practically OD'd on tight closeups and discovered that the pattern was instead row upon row of--what to call them? a neologism is required here, I think--*obloids. Up close, they were reminiscent of that scene in old movies when a character, at night, is standing in front of the bluish glow of a mass of Philco television screens in the old appliance store window watching some momentous news event. There they were, obloid, bluish, and arrayed in front of me, and I had to watch...I just had to.

*obloid--(adj. or n.) 1. oblong, but with rounded edges. 2. a shape with these characteristics.