Wednesday, October 3, 2007

An Homage? Yet I Show Fashion Fatigue

Go Michigan! Go Navy! Go West Virginia University! Go Admiral King High School! Go College Park Elementary School! Sigh. I'm real sick of this tie: cobalt blue knifed with brilliant narrow yellow stripes. Is it a tribute to a school he once attended? Perhaps an homage to The Boy Scouts of America? My fatigue over speculating about its symbolism is exceeded only by my weariness of the tie itself. What would refresh me right about now is a nice paisley or a good shot of green, Mr. Williams. A green tie would be an oasis in a desert of stripes and solids. It would be a freshet in an arid wasteland of blue and purple and solids. Rejuvenate me, Brian Williams, before I perish in a desolate tundra of fashion oblivion!