Monday, April 23, 2007

Pourquoi, Brian?

Narrow sky blue stripes alternating with skinnier sky blue stripes all marching upon a field of indigo describes Brian Williams' blue-on-blue tie tonight. This tie should join its cousin, the blue and goldenrod stripe, in the "Going To Garage Sale" box at the Williams house. Frankly, I'm not a fan. So many things about it annoy me: why are there two different widths of stripes of the same color? why sky and indigo when sky blue is a bit greenish and indigo is decidedly violet-hued? why put two such off colors together in the same tie? why is the knot such an odd size? why is the tie even in the rotation to begin with? A tie like this is irksome, and I have other things to consider, like can the red pepper in my crisper make it one more day? Stuff like that. Really, Brian--cut me a break already.