Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Doctor, My Eyes

Certainly the guys up in the control room shared my sense of confusion and wonder at Brian Williams' choice of cravat tonight. What on earth were we to do about it? When the camera took a long shot, it looked like opalescent orchid satin which pulsed and flittered like it was covered in tiny chaser lights. Then, when the camera tightened for a closer shot, it was clear to see that it had a sort of stained-glass pattern of perhaps red and blue, or even perhaps that sort of purplish color, but the pattern was either red, no--royal blue and red--no, wait--oh forget it! It was, in a word, busy. The longer one looked at it, the more intricate it became. Was that some white in there, or are there now spots before my eyes? This is getting way too intense. I'm not sure this level of Neckwear Scrutiny is covered under my health plan.