Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Am Step Two...Or Step One-A...Whatever Gets It Done, I Am It

This is the Sixth Appearance since the end of February (literally, 28 February) for this cravat, the graphite silk patterned with small medallions of dark charcoal and white.  I am loathe to cast it into the Axis Of Evil; it is such a stylish tie compared to the other Denizens of Dismay, but truly, it deserves its emblem.  Why, Brian, why?  What is it about this particular tie that compels you to wear it, week after week?  Is it possessed, or are you possessed by it?  Did Tom Brokaw give it to you?  Did you lose a bet?  Did your Formerly Good Dog get into your L'Armoire Des Cravates and chew them all up but the chosen few we have seen, this being your favourite?  Please, Brian Williams, please allow me to come and set things in order, freshening up your Necktie Rotation, organizing them, winnowing out just a few, and I will leave and never tell anyone.  You may have staff keep me under watch the entire time.  Remember, Step One is Admitting You Need Help.  I am here for You.