Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And...We're Back (Because August Was Getting Away From Us)

Oh, Dear Report Readers. If we wait until we are sufficiently moved by Brian's Neckwear to return to commentary, we will wait pour l'infinité.  Truly, it has been An Endless Parade--or barrage, take your pick--of pedestrian ties, of lacklustre ties, of wince-worthy ties.  Tonight's...urk.  Not that the fabric (which looks to be raw silk) isn't acceptable.  But that noisome orchid!  That leering ultramarine blue stripe!  Must they be so...intrusive?  It's like dining in a fairly nice restaurant but having one of those impossibly bouncy servers who simply cannot stop insinuating themselves into your meal. He or she kneels next to your chair or table, asks "Isn't that totally awesome, right?" as soon as you take a bite of your appetizer, and pretty much makes you feel as if you have to pay for his college, too, or at least send him a card for his birthday.