Thursday, July 21, 2011

We've Been Waiting For This Tie, My Darlings!

Today Is The Day, Report readers! Brian Williams has broken his longstanding ban and has knotted up a Paisley Tie(Yes, it was a petite rendition of the pattern, but certainly the colours were anything but understated.)  Bold cerise and white shapes on a field of periwinkle, this cravat made a statement.  "I am worthy of more than an Endless Parade Of Purple," it affirmed.  "There is more to life than the Diagonal Stripe," it declared.  "Perhaps orange is not the best colour for one's skin tone after all!" it conceded.  A chatty little tie, this, like the niece at a family party who just got her first post-graduate job with a really good salary and a title.  Put a cocktail in her hand, but don't stand there for long.