Monday, April 11, 2011

Every Wardrobe Needs A Little More Brando

Ho hum.  Brian Williams is wearing a perfectly acceptable tie of navy blue crossed by narrow diagonals of ruby red bordered by white.  There is absolutely nothing egregious or scandalous about it.  This tie is like sitting in study hall, thinking about the boy who asked you to prom weeks early, and you accepted, fearing you'd be left at home.  He's nice, not ugly or anything, and he won't embarrass you.  But he's not like that boy, you muse, glancing wistfully at the tall guy reclining in his seat in the corner.  His eyes are half-lidded in sleep, and his distressed leather jacket is cool and...well, sexy.  He might not even go to prom,'d give up going just for a ride behind him on his motorcycle.