Monday, February 28, 2011

We're Back, And All We Can Do Is Be Hopeful For March (And Stay Away From Sharp Things, Just In Case)

We here at The Report took a little hiatus to placate our Snark, and in rapid succession, BriWi wore a series of Decent Ties That We Had Not Seen In A While. After having girded our loins, we promised that we would at least see out February, and we all witnessed what happened here: In a blatant display of Fashion Petulance, Brian Williams knots up the tie of 4 February, which I railed against considerably. It's not as if I dislike this cravat, with its brooding dark background and its bright bands of marmalade pinstriped with fresh white. I am just weary of it making such a pest of itself this month, like the little neighbor kid who won't stop parking his trike on your front walk and hanging out on your porch every time you are outside. He's charming and all, but sometimes, you just wish he'd stay home for a while and give you a chance to miss his company.