Monday, August 10, 2009

The Report Becomes Very Ernestly Literary About This Tie

This tie, a stripe of sandstone and Wedgwood blue, is an old standby of Brian Williams', though it has been long away. Tonight, impeccably knotted and dimpled, it exemplifies the adage Absence makes the heart grow fonder, for when it was in heavy rotation, I railed against this tie, yet now I find it far more amenable. I see a weathered face like Hemingway's Santiago, who was "gray and wrinkled, with deep furrows in the back of his neck. Everything about him was old, except his eyes....they were the same color as the sea." He stands on the sand near his skiff, readying the lines for another day's catch, shading his visage to look out to the wide, sunlit ocean lying open before him.