Wednesday, July 8, 2009

He May Be A Smart Shopper, But He's No Entomologist--Not In This Cravat

Brian's shopping savvy is evident tonight as we see the lilac version of 26 June's Bold Pink Tie. "If you love it, buy one in another color!" is an age-old Smart Shopper Admonition that many of us follow as we comb the racks looking for tasteful fashion. But this cravat holds not the same...cache as its blushing brother. True, it has the same fabric quality, the same petit point print primly scattered in ivory upon it, but it's just not as...oh, je ne sais quoi. Whereas the Pink Tie is bold and daring and Makes A Statement, this tie is just another Purplish Tie, you know? Like the difference between a butterfly and a moth.